Technical Hydraulic Handbook
Precision Microhydraulics.
Precision flow restrictors, expansion plugs, valves, and safety screens for aerospace, oil exploration/ production, race cars, and other critical applications.

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EFS Handbook
Electro-Fluidic Systems.
Miniature solenoid valves, pumps, and inert fluid handling components for medical/scientific instrumentation, micro-dispensing, and other high technology systems.

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Innovation in Miniature

Pumps and Valves for In Vitro Diagnostics, Scientific Instrumentation and Drug Discovery Applications.

Oil Tools

NACE Compliant Plugs, Valves, Screens and Restrictors for the Oil Tool Industry.

Lee Plug Installation and Extraction

Lee Plug® expansion plugs seal fluid passages leak-tight, without the use of O-rings, threads, or sealants. It is simply the most successful method of sealing drilled holes in critical applications.

Product Spotlights:

Lee Flossert
Flosert Spotlight
Lee FLOSERT® miniature flow regulating valves provide constant flow regardless of varying pressure conditions.

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Lee Tech Talk
Lee Tech Talk
Technical Application News Brief discusses how Lee’s Hi-Bar® in-line wash flow safety screens protect critical components from contamination.

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