Ov'r Driver The OV'R Driver is a miniature electronic device which can be used to enhance the versatility and operating characteristics of solenoid valves. This circuit has a self-contained 'spike & hold' voltage controller, which allows the valve to be run at various voltages to compensate for fluctuations in power sources. This circuit can also be used to enhance a solenoid valve's response time or to reduce power consumption.

  • Solenoid valves operated at nominal voltages are automatically dropped to a lower 'holding' voltage resulting in lower power consumption.
  • Fluctuations in input voltage levels are compensated, resulting in more consistent valve performance.
  • Allows standard valves to be energized with a high voltage, reducing response time, and then held at a lower voltage thereby reducing heating.


The OV'R Driver is a simple three terminal device placed between the voltage source and the solenoid valve. Applying the input voltage to the circuit allows the solenoid to be energized by the OV'R Driver with approximately the full input voltage for a short time period. The circuit then reduces the voltage across the solenoid valve to the holding voltage level. The voltage across the valve will remain at this holding level until power is removed from the circuit. No additional control signals are necessary.

Both the spike duration and the holding voltage can be factory set to meet a variety of applications. The holding voltage, once set, is independent of the input voltage. The OV'R Driver can drive any solenoid valve up to 30 vdc and 15 Watts.

Pulse Width vs. Input Voltage

A key advantage of the OV'R Driver circuit is its ability to self-adjust the pulse width of the output spike voltage based on the input voltage level. As input voltage increases, the spike duration needed decreases. The holding voltage is unaffected by the input voltage level and since solenoid valves respond quicker at higher input voltages, the spike duration can be shortened, minimizing energy consumption, without affecting valve operation.

OV'R Driver Pulse Width vs. Voltage


The OV'R Driver is available in two standard configurations which are optimized for 12 vdc solenoid valves.

  • Part Number DRVA0000010A – Designed to drive a single valve (less than 1 Watt)
  • Part Number DRVA0000020A – Designed to drive multiple valves (15 Watt max total power). This design does not allow valves to be energized independently.

OV'R Driver Line Drawing
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OV'R Driver Line Drawing


* A 15 volt minimum input voltage is recommended to make up for the small voltage drop
across the O'VR Driver when using a 12 volt valve.