LSP Series Solenoid Valves

LSP Series Solenoid Valves

LSP Series Solenoid Valves - Line Drawing

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LSP Series Solenoid Valves - Shaded Drawing

LSP Series Solenoid ValveThe LSP Series valve is a 2-way, manifold mounted, normally closed design featuring a full bore flow path. The full bore allows unimpeded high flow and is very tolerant of fluids that have particles and solids. The design minimizes clogging and leakage in applications such as waste and drain lines.

The flow path is a single wetted material incorporating flanged ports, thus eliminating the need for gaskets during mounting.

  • Flow: 300 Lohms nominal
  • Zero dead (unswept) volume
  • Working pressure: 15 psig
  • Response time: 30 ms
  • Cycle life: 10 million cycles on clean water (minimum)
  • Power consumption: 1.6 W
  • Wetted material: FKM

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LSPA1242130D 12 vdc
LSPA2442130D 24 vdc

Typical Water Flow Characteristics