LHD Series Solenoid Valves

Miniature Piloting Solenoid ValveLee's High Density Interface (LHD Series) Solenoid Valves are designed for applications where space is limited. Featuring small size and light weight without sacrificing performance and reliability, the valves are available in three different styles: plug-in, face mount, and ported. Extended performance versions (Quiet Operation, Semi-Inert and Lo-Lohm) are also available.

These valves are generally used in medical and scientific instrumentation or control applications such as oxygen delivery systems, gas analysis equipment, patient monitors, air calibration devices, ventilators/respirators, gas chromatography and other flow switching devices. Each valve is 100% functionally tested for switching voltage, flow capacity and leakage. The rugged materials used help ensure consistent long-term performance. The valves will typically operate up to 250 million cycles on air, depending on the seal material and application parameters.

Extended Performance Designs

Quiet Operation Design
The Quiet Operation design uses whisper technology™ to achieve patient comfort. A typical solenoid valve has an inherent clicking sound when energized, which is caused by the metal-to-metal contact of the moving armature and stationary core. With whisper technology™ however, actuation noise is significantly reduced, providing a sound level measurement of less than 37 dBA when measured at a distance of 24 inches and a valve cycle frequency of 10 Hz.

Semi-Inert Design
The Semi-Inert design can handle moderately aggressive gases and liquids in a wide range of fluid handling applications. Featuring a superior perfluoro (FFKM) elastomer seal, this design is also compatible with saline.

Lo-Lohm Design
The Lo-Lohm design offers more flow capacity across an extended pressure range without sacrificing size and weight.

The Lee Company offers several standard manifolds as valuable aids to the designer during development and initial prototyping.